viernes, abril 16, 2010


I was dreaming about you. About meeting you, waiting for your touch, your laugh and your eyes... Dreaming 'cause it was the best thing I could do.

We came from different worlds, we weren't meant to be together. And yet you find me and you hold my hand and whisper sweet words into my ear while I was too lost and blind to see you... With my heart in your hands I trusted you and let you guide my soul to our new world.

And so we are one now... but, for how long? 
Deep inside you, you know I'll leave soon but anyway you stay... just here, by my side making me feel a worthless happiness.

Somebody ask you how do you feel about me... You simply answered
She's my life.

All I want to do is be yours, as long as I can.
Don't worry... You had me from Hello...